The Beers

// Our regular flavors

/ Andorinha – European Pale Ale – 5.2%
A light and easy-drinking beer; bright and refreshing with a touch of tartness. 

/ Borboletas – American Pale Ale – 5.4%
Almost an IPA; a slightly sweet beer featuring citrus and tropical fruit tastes.

/Alley Cat Amber – American Amber Ale – 5.2%
As bitter as an IPA, but balanced with the sweetness of more caramel malts; an American Amber Ale.

/ Witbier – 4.7%
A delicate wheat beer in the Belgian style: light and fruity, with small amounts of orange peel and coriander seeds.

/ Scottish Ale – 5.1%
Hints of smoke and nuttiness, caramelized malts, carried by a medium-light body.

/ British Strong Ale – 6.5%
A strong-tasting, heavy-bodied dark orange-coloured and malty ale.

/ Coffee Pale Ale – 4.8%
Artisanal light roast Arabica coffee contributes fruity and floral notes to this unique beer.

/Javali Porter – Robust Porter – 6.2%
Roasted, dark chocolate flavours characterize this full-bodied dark brown robust porter.





//Special editions

/ Winter Special 2017/2018 – Chocolate Porter – 8.0%

A limited edition, winter special beer. Rich, full, and dark with cacao added and 8% alcohol to stay comfortable on cold nights. Packaged in 75cl re-closable bottles perfect for sharing during the cold season. Bottles can also be re-filled with beers on tap at AMO for a 10% discount.