A.M.O. Brewery

raspberry beer

15 May 2021: Pink Sunglasses on a Saturday

This Saturday marks two occasions: it’s the first time we’re open again on a Saturday after lockdown, and we’re using the day to bring back Pink Sunglasses – Raspberry Session Ale. We first released this beer in October 2020, just at the tail end of summer. This year we’re prepared! We brewed this beer to be ready for this sunny Saturday in May, and we’ll keep it coming all summer long.

Intense raspberry aroma, pale pink colour, low bitterness and low acidity make it a pretty pleasant drink to enjoy on a hot day. At 4% alcohol, you can stay refreshed during an afternoon or evening drinking session. Put on the Pink Sunglasses and relax.
Label art by F. V. Reilly.

3 Sept 2020: Pink Sunglasses beer launch

Don’t let yourself get too discouraged; put on the pink-tinted glasses and take a new perspective. This is the idea behind pink sunglasses!

True, beer won’t solve your problems; but the fresh intense aroma and taste of raspberries in this light beer will make you smile. Add good company, and good conversation, and it’s a good time! At only 4% ABV, you can enjoy a social drinking session knowing you can still stay focused on our wide, pink-tinted world.

Available for a short time, and back next summer! Label art by F.V. Reilly.