Love is like Jazz #1

Friday, 16 Feb. 19h30 – 21h30

Melodic jazz will fill AMO Brewery the Friday after Valentine’s day. Whether there’s new love or lost love, your heart will warm from the live soulful music of the Tanja Šimić Trio.

This Lisbon-based Jazz Trio is composed of the velvety vocal sounds of Tanja Šimić, the expressive playing of pianist Vasco Amores and the tireless groove of bassist Marc Ramírez. Look forward to the American Song Book classics, the swaying rhythms of Bossa Nova, and the time-honored works of Broadway and Hollywood.

DJs Tropical Beats & Mr. Bird return

Last month’s party was a hit, so Mr Bird and Tropical beats return to AMO on Friday, January 26 to keep us dancing! Be prepared for funk, afrobeat, hip-hop, soul, brasil, latin america and all the dots in between. So get down to AMO brewery where these two local funkateers will be going back to back to bring you an evening of unforgettable tunes.

Coffee Tasting: Exploring your daily cup

On the 11th of Jan AMO Brewery will host a coffee tasting, or “cupping” (the fancy coffee word for tasting), of several commercial coffees and several individual coffee types (mostly East African) to explain how and why different coffees taste different. We’ll describe the various processing techniques and varieties in coffee and what impact they have on flavour. Flavour wheels will be used as a teaching aid to help participants better understand the tastes and aromas they are experiencing.

Workshop Program:
The instructor will introduce you to what makes different coffees different, and help you identify tastes and develop your palate. We’ll cup 12 coffees in total: commercial brands, single origin East African beans, washed and unwashed coffees. We’ll discuss how beans are processed and roasted, and the impacts of different brewing techniques.

Learning Outcomes:
Understand Arabica vs. Robusta coffees and the value of acidity
Learn to distinguish Body / Flavour / Acidity / Aroma /
Identify flavours and aromas (context of aspirating coffee), including retronasal flavours/aromas
Identify which coffees participants like best

Richard Bliault is a professional in the coffee trade and works in quality control in Lisbon and Ethiopia. Cupping is part of his everyday job. His passion is in better understanding the variability in quality and blending, and he looks forward to showing you how great coffees can taste!

Time: 19-21h, Thurs 11 Jan 2018.

Location: AMO art_space at AMO Brewery, Rua Bernardim Ribeiro 53, Lisboa.

Cost: 5 euros

How to participate:
Please email to sign up and pay. Space will be limited to 10 participants – payment is required to confirm your participation.

// Taste and Tell / 19.09.


A.M.O Brewery is hosting a special beer tasting event, where we will taste craft and home-made beers brought by participants. We will practice active tasting and identifying smells and flavours. AMO beers will also be available to taste and analyze for those who do not bring outside beers to share. The goal will be to improve our palates and our capacity to appreciate the wide variety of beers we now find available!

Bring two bottles of your favourite craft or artesanal beer, or beer brewed by you or a friend. Or, purchase some beer at the brewery. We will share these and taste them in small groups. No previous experience is necessary.

A.M.O Brewery is all about working together as a community – sharing skills, stories, and knowledge, connecting people from diverse areas – all around flavorful and unique beer. It is a young start-up growing from the roots: a mini-production brewed by the sole founder, supported by the community, with an alternative approach.

Margaret began as a hobby home-brewer in Canada in 2010. After moving to Lisbon in 2012, she again picked up the hobby, which soon became an all-consuming passion. In late 2016, she founded the A.M.O Brewery.

// Official Opening and Lisbon Beer Week

After 6 months of relative obscurity, A.M.O Brewery is ready to present itself to Lisbon as an active, engaged location. Party with live musicians, tour the brewery, and enjoy free homemade tapas and the full line-up of A.M.O beers including new releases.

Our Opening coincides with the 2017 Lisbon Beer Week. You’ll find us at the Beer Festival in Jardim do Torel, September 22 – 24. 

In celebration, we’ll be hosting the following events at A.M.O Brewery:


// 16 – 17 September – Home-Brewing Workshop
Learn the theory and practice of how to make beer at home, from raw ingredients to finished packaged product. Beer tasting included. Limited space; 
Learn more or sign up

// 19 September – Taste & Tell – 19-22h
Bring 2 bottles of home-brewed or craft beer to present and share with peers in a supportive, educational setting. This is a participant-led event! Free entry.

// 20 September – A.M.O Art Space Inauguration –   19-22h.
Celebrate the inauguration of the space with a presentation of original screen prints by the artist, The Pale Kid. Free entry.

// 21 September – A.M.O Brewery OFFICIAL OPENING  – 19-22h
Live music, brewery tours, free homemade tapas, new beer releases.

// 22 September –A.M.O Open Night – 17-22h
Come by after work to relax with cold beer and meet new friends during our weekly open hours. Afterwards, walk to the nearby Jardim de Torel to taste the best craft beers from Portuguese and international microbreweries!

Visit the Lisbon Beer Week website: