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News & Events

18 Jan 2020: Limited Edition Release Limegerine IPA

A.M.O. Brewery and DeBru social space collaborate to bring you a tangerine lime IPA! “Limegerine IPA” is a tart, citric IPA made using local in-season fruits and intense American hops. […]

18 Jan 2020: Workshop de Cerveja Artesanal

A data para a proxima Workshop é sabado 18 jan 2020. Vai ser em portuguese. Info e inscricões.

17 Jan 2020: King of Khartoum beer release

The King of Khartoum is a connoisseur of coffee and a master of spice. This regally-inspired beer is rich in subtle flavors coming from infusions of coffee, orange, and spices, […]

13 Dec: 666 IPA Limited Edition Release! With Partisan Sabotagem

666 IPA is a collaboration made with Turvalina de Hellcife in Brazil! 6,6% alcohol and devilishly bitter.  

29 Nov ’19 – 1 Mar ’20: Colina Dos Meios launch

You already love AMO Brewery, but do you also know DeBru social space and Vegan Junkies restaurant? These three  local businesses are teaming up to get you walking the streets […]

28 Nov – 13 Dec: Audio & Visual Beeryani Collective Exposition

This art exhibition isn’t only visual – it also comes with music! Every Thursday, guest DJs invited by the exhibitors accompany the paintings and photos of this event. Join us […]

15 Nov: Chocolate Porter Beer Launch, with Rebel Rebel

AMO Brewery launches our winter seasonal beer: Chocolate Porter. With 8% alcohol and cocoa powder, it’s sure to warm you up this season. Available on draft, in 33cl bottles, and […]

7 Nov – 13 Dec: Art Expo – Beeryani Collective

Beeryani – ብርሃን Collective Exhibition: The Dudaz Pedro Fragoso MarcoMake Counterspace   English below Organizado por pessoas que compartilham visões de vida e arte que reuniu-se (não muito) aleatoriamente em […]

31 October: Halloween Costume Party

Trick or treat? Mischief abounds, and you’ll have to dress up, play strange games, and solve riddles — if you want a treat! Stay tuned for details… Sound environment by […]

18 October: Coffee Dubbel Beer Launch

New seasonal beer: Coffee Dubbel  6.7% This traditional Belgian-style dubbel has the very unique modification – coffee. We selected this Brazilian Arabica coffee in collaboration with our partner Olisipo Coffee […]