Coffee Tasting: Exploring your daily cup

Coffee Tasting: Exploring your daily cup

On the 11th of Jan AMO Brewery will host a coffee tasting, or “cupping” (the fancy coffee word for tasting), of several commercial coffees and several individual coffee types (mostly East African) to explain how and why different coffees taste different. We’ll describe the various processing techniques and varieties in coffee and what impact they have on flavour. Flavour wheels will be used as a teaching aid to help participants better understand the tastes and aromas they are experiencing.

Workshop Program:
The instructor will introduce you to what makes different coffees different, and help you identify tastes and develop your palate. We’ll cup 12 coffees in total: commercial brands, single origin East African beans, washed and unwashed coffees. We’ll discuss how beans are processed and roasted, and the impacts of different brewing techniques.

Learning Outcomes:
Understand Arabica vs. Robusta coffees and the value of acidity
Learn to distinguish Body / Flavour / Acidity / Aroma /
Identify flavours and aromas (context of aspirating coffee), including retronasal flavours/aromas
Identify which coffees participants like best

Richard Bliault is a professional in the coffee trade and works in quality control in Lisbon and Ethiopia. Cupping is part of his everyday job. His passion is in better understanding the variability in quality and blending, and he looks forward to showing you how great coffees can taste!

Time: 19-21h, Thurs 11 Jan 2018.

Location: AMO art_space at AMO Brewery, Rua Bernardim Ribeiro 53, Lisboa.

Cost: 5 euros

How to participate:
Please email to sign up and pay. Space will be limited to 10 participants – payment is required to confirm your participation.