A.M.O. Brewery


18, 19, 25, &26 April: Vinyl Records at A.M.O. Open Nights; Home-Brewing Workshop

 After setting up our record player, there’s been a lot of interest in vinyl records at A.M.O. Brewery!  For your analogue pleasure, we have:

Thurs 11 April & Fri 12 April, 2019
Open Vinyl Nights. Bring a record, play a side, get a free AMO beer from our taps!

Thurs 18 April:  Tropical Beats e Amigos

Fri 19 April:  Mr. Bird & Mr. Mute double-decking on vinyl

Thurs 25 April:  Partisan Sabotagem vinyl feast

Fri 26 April:  Tropical Beats & Mr. Bird

Home-Brewing Workshop with Margaret Orlowski
Home-Brewing Workshop

Announcing our next Home-Brewing Workshop:
Saturday, 4 May, 2019

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