6 March: THREE Years & 3 Beers! Our 3rd AMOversary

To celebrate our 3rd anniversary of AMO Brewery, our Brewmaster has created 3 new limited editions beers for the party! Whether you’ve been with us from the start, or are just visiting for the first time, we know you won’t be able to resist joining us in the celebration! Unique beers, your favourite local DJs Tropical Beats, Mr. Bird, and Basstitan, as well as house-made pretzels and food. See you there!

17 Jan 2020: King of Khartoum beer release

The King of Khartoum is a connoisseur of coffee and a master of spice. This regally-inspired beer is rich in subtle flavors coming from infusions of coffee, orange, and spices, and yet has a dryness to its body. It’s light chestnut brown in color, with 6.7% alcohol.

To launch the limited edition release of this beer, Partisan Sabotagem will bring a selection of vinyl records from around the globe. Enjoy eclectic styles of music and broad styles of beer!


29 Nov ’19 – 1 Mar ’20: Colina Dos Meios launch

You already love AMO Brewery, but do you also know DeBru social space and Vegan Junkies restaurant? These three  local businesses are teaming up to get you walking the streets to discover the area! We call ourselves Colina dos Meios since we’re located on the hill (colina) in the middle (meio) of Lisbon’s central zone, and we’re all about getting people involved!

We’re launching with a pretty cool customer card. You’ll get a thank you gift from any of our places if you visit them 5 times. We’ll also give you a present at 4 other local businesses if you come to all three of our places! If you make it that far, you end up as a Block Master – you’re known around the block, and you will be appreciated.