12 March 2021: 4th Anniversary 6-pack PROMOTION

A.M.O. has been open for four years! This last one has been a challenging year – as it’s been for all of us – but we’re getting through it and we’re hopeful for the future.

So let’s celebrate! Safely at home. We’ve put together a delicious birthday pack for you!
– 2 bottles of Javali Porter
– 2 bottles of Witbier
– 2 bottles of your choice; please specify (see Our Beers Page for options)
– 2 Free Pretzels
– a Free taste of our new bar snacks to accompany your pretzels
– extra pretzels are 1€ each

Here’s how it works:
Step 1:  Pre-Order now on our online shop. It’s the price of our regular 6-pack – 15,50€, with Free Delivery in Lisbon.
Step 2:  We will email you an order confirmation with the final price and payment info. Payment is by MBway or bank transfer.
Step 3:  Delivery will be on Friday, 12 March 2021.

We can’t cheers together in person yet, but we can safely drink the same tasty beers at the same time and share photos.

This is a special promotion just for A.M.O.’s 4th year anniversary, so please be welcome and join us! Make your pre-order now.

17 Sept 2020: Olympia collab beer launch

A.M.O. Brewery and Clube Safo member Simone team up to bring you this limited edition collaboration beer: Olympia. Olympia is a light-bodied 4.7% ABV beer flavoured with dried lavender flowers! Harkening back to Mount Olympus in Ancient Greece, this beer is designed to gather people together in pursuit of ideals we hold in common.

Clube Safo is a Portuguese association of queer women, which focuses not only on lesbian issues, but also on a range of progressive gender issues. Olympia beer is launched to celebrate the Club and to support its initiatives. Released in A.M.O. Brewery on 17 September 2020, it is a limited edition. Cheers!

3 Sept 2020: Pink Sunglasses beer launch

Don’t let yourself get too discouraged; put on the pink-tinted glasses and take a new perspective. This is the idea behind pink sunglasses!

True, beer won’t solve your problems; but the fresh intense aroma and taste of raspberries in this light beer will make you smile. Add good company, and good conversation, and it’s a good time! At only 4% ABV, you can enjoy a social drinking session knowing you can still stay focused on our wide, pink-tinted world.

Available for a short time, and back next summer! Label art by F.V. Reilly.

Home Delivery Available!

We are still doing home deliveries to keep you hydrated with delicious A.M.O. craft beers!

AMO Brewery is delivering beer Monday – Saturday, next day delivery.

For our home-delivery service in Lisbon and surrounding area, email with
1. your name
2. complete address with postal code
3. phone number
4. bottles you want
Delivery is next day (Monday to Saturday). Payment upon ordering by bank transfer or MBway. Prices are for delivery in Lisbon – we will provide details in our reply in case you live outside of Lisbon!

Also available:
Most Wanted IPA (regular price)
Amora – Mulberry Lemon Saison (+1€ each)

Seasonal release: AMORA

Enjoy the summer heat with our seasonal fruit beer: AMORA Mulberry Lemon Saison. The word for “mulberry” in Portuguese is Amora, and these fruits are coming straight from a grower in the Algarve! Super juicy, bright purple, and sweet. We add a touch of lemon peel (local Portuguese lemons of course!) to provide some citric freshness.

“Saison” is a beer style traditional to parts of Belgium and France, and it uses a special yeast and a range of grains. A.M.O.’s Amora follows this tradition, using a yeast that imparts a slightly herbal taste, which really complements the wild berry flavours. We also use oats and malted wheat, in addition to the malted barley, to brew a beer that fully expresses the saison style. Enjoy!

New Release: Most Wanted IPA

The Most Wanted IPA made its first appearance at our 3-year Anniversary party in March 2020, and now it’s here to stay!

This is a traditional American West Coast style IPA and it features Chinook, Cascade, and Citra hops. Coming in at 6,7% ABV, Most Wanted is a medium-bodied and flavorful IPA. The bighorn ram stands as its mascot: a strong and agile animal, and native to the Rocky Mountains.