A.M.O. Brewery

Author: Margaret Orlowski

19 September: Raspberry Tart beer launch

Try our refreshing new fruit beer, “Raspberry Tart” 4.9% abv. A fruit beer with intense raspberry aroma and flavour, backed by oatmeal and malted barley for a dry finish. Enjoy during these last hot weeks of summer!

Available on tap/draft only, at AMO Brewery, Crafty Corner, DeBru, and The Beer Station – for a short time only.

5 Sept – 18 Oct: Art Expo – The Spaceship Project

(English below)
THE SPACESHIP PROJECT de Marzia Braggion combina a arte da scannografia (fotografia conseguida utilizando Scanner) com uma abordagem dedicada ao estudo das estrelas, dos planetas e da maneira como estes elementos se combinam. De acordo com o segundo princípio alquímico da Correspondência “O que está em cima é como o que está em baixo”, a artista escolhe as flores para ilustrar as estrelas.

Usando elementos florais e formas geométricas (folhas, flores, cores), as estrelas representam a natureza da própria constelação, a relação com os elementos (fogo, água, terra, ar) e os astros (Lua – Vênus – Mercúrio – Sol – Marte – Júpiter – Saturno). O processo começa selecionando as flores, para depois chegar as fases da Coleta, Digitalização, Corte, Limpeza, Estudo, Montagem e Exportação.

Na A.M.O. Brewery haverá o próximo avistamento da SPACESHIP. Para homenagear a planta de lúpulo e o malte usado neste local, serão apresentadas 3 novas peças de scannografia.

THE SPACESHIP PROJECT by Marzia Braggion merges the art of scannography (photography using a scanner) with a dedicated approach to the study of the stars, planets and the way these can be combined.
According to the alchemical principle of Correspondece “As above, so below; as below, so above”, the artist chooses flowers to illustrate the stars.

Using floral elements and geometric shapes (leaves, flowers, colours), each star describes the constellation’s nature reassembling their deep relation with the elements (fire, water, earth, air) and the asters (Moon – Venus – Mercury – Sun – Mars – Jupiter – Saturn). The process starts with Selecting the flowers, before moving on to the phases of Collecting, Scanning, Cutting, Cleaning, Studying, Reassembling, and Exporting.

The next sighting of the SPACESHIP will be at A.M.O. Brewery. Paying homage to the hop plant and the grain malt used in this place, 3 new scannography prints will be presented.

30 August: Summer Ale beer launch

This Friday, as the heat of summer shines down, we’ll release our Campo Santana Summer Ale, brewed by AMO in collaboration with our friends at DeBru social space. Light, refreshing, and hoppy. As part of the event, Basstitan will play a selection of reggae, dub, electro, and funky beats, taking us from a chillout sunset to get ready for whatever your Friday night has to offer!

17 & 18 August: AMO at Anjos Beer Fest!

Want to try a bunch of small-production craft beers? Visit the Anjos Beer Fest — AMO will be among the crowd. In addition, AMO’s brewmaster Margaret Orlowski will give an interactive presentation on Introduction to Brewing, and take part in a panel discussion on Women in the Beer Industry.

Saturday 17 Aug, 3pm – midnight.
Sunday 18 Aug, 3pm – 10pm.
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