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10 May: Beer Co-Launch of Thorny Devil Australian IPA

10 May: Beer Co-Launch of Thorny Devil Australian IPA

AMO Brewery and DeBru Open Space have gotten together to co-create a limited edition beer.

We are co-launcing the brew at our 2 venues on Friday kicking off at AMO Brewery from 5pm and extending through the night with snacks and music at De Bru (Rua Luciano Cordeiro 2C) until 2am.

See you soon mate!!!

The Brew
The “Thorny Devil IPA, 7,0%” will be launched simultaneously at A.M.O. Brewery and DeBru on Friday, 10 May, 2019.

Craft beer and craft beer events are brewing in Lisbon! The “revolution” against established industry players and limited beer styles has been happening around the world, and it’s permeating Portugal as well.

A.M.O. Brewery opened in 2017 in the Campo Santana area of Lisbon. Its owner and brewer Margaret Orlowski (whose initials make A.M.O.) comes from Canada, where she learned to appreciate beer, and brew at home with friends.

DeBru opened in 2018 and is led by Henrique Melo, a barista and home brewer from Perth, Australia. Also passionate about everything craft, he opened an Open Social Space to promote the craft culture, from beer to coffee, art and everything between, also in the Campo Santana area.

Both A.M.O. Brewery and DeBru see craft beer as a social experience – in the drinking of course, but also in the production process! Their common backgrounds as expatriates, similar approaches to beer (and life) and neighbourhood proximity led them to collaborate together on a new beer inspired by the community they belong to.

Using some Australian hops varieties that Henrique had, he and Margaret designed a beer to be brewed at A.M.O. to showcase those hops. To represent their brew, they chose the thorny devil – a small, spiked but friendly lizard found in the Australian Outback. The beer is bitter yet fruity, and strong at 7.0% ABV.

Now, here, in the Campo Santana in Lisbon, you can drink a Lisbon-inspired Australian IPA brewed locally by a Canadian-Portuguese and a Brasil-Australian!